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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


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This is a subject that I find very interesting lately. I've been using SMS much more recently and I think I've found out why: It's much like email for the phone. Just think about what it is that makes email so great. Email allows you to send a message that somebody can read at their own speed and convenience. I told a consultant the other day that if I need to get a message to somebody clearly and quickly, email is NOT a good idea. For perfect clarity, the phone is always a better option. But, if it's something that isn't dire and can possibly wait a few minutes, shoot them an email and they'll read it when they've got some time. Well, SMS (text messaging over the phone, Short Message Service) serves this exact same function, and it's been blazing hot outside of the U.S. for years. We're just now catching up because we're just now figuring out how to use it. My wife's job requires her to travel by car much of the day. I recently started sending her text messages by SMS that say things like "I love you." and "Don't forget to get me Gatorade when you go to the store today." The messages aren't terribly time sensitive and they're also much easier to get by reading the screen instead of trying to dial voicemail and going through a series of menus. I suggest people give it a try. Believe me, your kids are using it like mad to yak it up in school. I also text message two other friends on occasion. One has a phone who's keys are SMS friendly and he enjoys sending me back messages. The other either has a phone that is not SMS typing friendly or he just hasn't figured it out yet and he dislikes SMS. He said he simply has too much trouble typing on it and it's annoying to try. Might just be the phone model he uses. Phone model differences might explain lots of why we SMS much less than the other nations.

Todd, I use a T-Mobile Sidekick. It has a todo list built in, along with an email client and an IM chat client. I have friends that prefer to be talked to by all of these methods: My brother and one friend prefer SMS. Another friend and my brother-in-law prefer the IM chat. I talk to you and many others by the phone's email client. Oh yeah, my phone actually makes calls as well. ;) Not only does the phone do all of these methods well, it hops between the modes extremely well, too. I'm not necessarily trying to promote that phone, but I foresee phones doing multiple modes of communication much better in the future, just like this one does.

K. Todd Storch


Some good examples here and it is obvious you are onboard with txt as well.

I haven't used the Sidekick, but know that it is a very popular device. These "new" technology options are helping/hurting us with options on how to communicate. These new interruptions are welcomed by some, but not by others.

It isn't anything new, because getting used to email was very similar. People had to get used to "how to communicate" all over again with email vs. notes/voicemails/face to face.

This will happen all over again with txt/IM/RSS.

Thanks for the feedback and comment!




Stephen Labuda

Todd. This is great. I read your post and started digging around in my phone to find other ways to use SMS. Thanks.

K. Todd Storch

Thanks Stephen.

Just the ability of using Gmail and SMS is very powerful!

I appreciate the comment.


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