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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Pete Maruhnich

I have a question?I was at a cycling event in May in Pittsburgh,PA called Pedal Pittsburgh.There was a gentleman there John Michael Fetcik from Johnstown,PA.He was signing pictures of himself and said he is part of Discovery Cycling Team and rides with Lance Armstrong.I have been surfing the internet and can not find any information on him.I would like to know if this gentleman was telling the truth or was he trying to pull a fast one on those who attened the cycling event.Can somebody please e-mail me at pmaruhnich@tycoint.com and let me know if this gentleman was telling the truth.

Thank You,
Pete Maruhnich

K. Todd Storch

I did a quick Google search and didn't find anything on him. Here is a link to the official Discovery Team: http://team.discovery.com/meet/meet.html

Also, there are a lot of riders that will come through a cycling team, but won't end up making the final cut for the official team. They will have a lot of riders that come through during the off season.

Kind of like the people a professional football team with have on the practice squad and team before they have to officially name their team roster.

Hope this helps.


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